About Us

The Donjon family moved to New Baden in the mid 1990s having lived in the St. Louis metropolitan area our entire lives. In 2008 we had a new home built in nearby Trenton, IL. While we love living in the New Baden-Trenton area, we missed the variety of dining choices that we had become accustomed to in St. Louis. What we most missed was St. Louis style pizza. St. Louis style pizza has a thin crust and uses a provel cheese blend rather than mozzarella. We thought about opening a restaurant that would serve the kind of of food that we craved and finally took the plunge, opening Four Corners Pizza & Wings in March 2010. We chose New Baden due to its proximity to Interstate 64 and its central location to the surrounding communities of Trenton, Albers and New Memphis.

Our delicious pizzas are true to the St. Louis style. We decided to compliment our pizzas with Buffalo Wings. Wanting our wings to be unique, we decided to search for sauces that would be different from those available locally. We truck in our 8 wing sauces from the Buffalo, New York area, where Buffalo Wings originated. We hope that you will agree that our sauces are something special.


In December 2010 we added New York style subs. Many customers had told us how much they had enjoyed the offerings of a local sub shop that had closed. We were eventually able to make contact with former owners of that shop. We consulted with them to create our versions of those subs. The response has been fantastic!

In October 2011 we added a Gourmet Grilled Cheese sandwich. You choose 8 slices of your favorite cheeses which we grill on a delicious sourdough bakery bread. Add veggies and meat for an additional charge.

In September 2012 we relocated to 423 W. Hanover St, New Baden, IL (former Outside Inn building).

Our family invites you to try our restaurant. We want you to be thrilled with our food and service. We would appreciate hearing your testimonials as well as your criticism. We cannot improve if we do not understand the problem. A comment form is available on this website. I assure you that we will read every comment.

Rich & Cathy Donjon, Owners

Kevin Donjon, General Manager